Born and raised in the Paris' suburbs, I always had a passion for crafting and arts: drawing, painting, knitting, stitching, dancing, ironing beads, making friendship bracelets, you name it 🎨

In 2021, one my friends got me a beginner's kit to make polymer clay earrings. 

I had such a great time making it*. I decided I had to keep doing what warmed my heart, fueled my creativity and soothed my soul.

One thing was still bothering me... I was buying material made of plastic. Brand new plastic. Even though it was small items, in small quantities, it was still a shame to know I was part of this hamster wheel.

That's how I fell into the great vortex of *plastic recycling* in 2022 💜

*not so strangely, the first pair I made was asymmetric!

It was about time 💜

🍒 May 2021 : making my first pair of clay earring

🏖️ August 2021 : designing the first collection

🍉 August 2022 : learning about plastic recycling

🖍️ September 2023 : practicing everything I learned about plastic recycling!

❄️ December 2023 : officially launching my first collection 💜

I design asymmetric earrings to mismatch a unique pair, as exceptional as you are ✨

All the earrings are made with 100% recycled plastic.

Speaking of recycled plastic, it has numerous benefits when used for earring making :

  • very lightweight. The earring on the picture here is 2g (0,07oz) - for reference, 2 grams is what a blueberry weights ! 🫐
  • it’s a good deed for our planet ♻️
  • an everlasting vibrant color